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Ice Jig
Quick Silver
Trophy I & II


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Trophy takers for over 80 years !

The Williams company was founded by the classic Williams Wabler® developed by brothers A.D. and Malcolm Williams at the turn of the 20th century. Having returned from a successful gold strike in the Canadian Yukon during the 1898 gold rush, the brothers eventually settled in the Niagara Falls region of Ontario Canada and New York in the United States. Being avid anglers they experimented with different designs and, as near as can be ascertained, developed the Wabler about 1916. Their main commerce being precious metals refining, it was only natural that they apply their trade to the lure they developed. Since the first Wabler was produced and still to this day, every Williams lure is finished in genuine silver and/or 24 karat gold plate.

The classic Wabler is the lure, which launched the Williams lure division and is now recognized by anglers from around the world. Other long-standing classics from Williams include the Whitefish®, Ice Jig and Quick Silver®.

Brecks having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in the North America tackle industry acquired Williams in 1989. Brecks now produces all the Williams lures in their state of the art facilities. An expanded selection presently includes other classics such as the Dartee® and Thinfish® which both date back to the 1950's, having been produced by Brecks prior to the Williams acquisition.

Williams investment and focus on research and development continues to produce innovations such as our: jewellery quality finishes, electro-clear protective plated outer coat which renders our silver finishes salt water resistant, and new product introductions such as our Trophy® and most recent, the new Bully™ series.

Williams Kits have been developed to offer the angler an assortment of proven styles and colors by species and/or by style and size of lure.

Fishing specifically for trout, walleye or pike, choose from our 4-pack trout or pike & walleye kits. The classic all species Wabler is represented in sizes 40, 50, and 60 4-packs as is the Quick Silver in a versatile proven selection of colors. Ideal as gifts or to top off your tackle box prior to a day on the water.

4-PW Pike and walleye favorites


Pike and Walleye favorites
Proven Wabler patterns for trout


Trout Truite - Proven Wabler patterns for trout.

Great Action!  Top colors.


Quick Silver - Great Action!

Williams W20 & W30 Small Classics

C50 Pearl & W30 Eyed Trophy Pack

Trout Trolling Kit
W40 Classics
W40 Classics
W50 Classics
W50 Classics
W60 Classics
W60 Classics
Junior Ice Jig Classics
Junior Ice Jig Classics
Medium Ice Jig Classics
Medium Ice Jig Classics


The Mooselook, a favorite for trout and salmon in both the northeastern United States and Canada will be produced in the Brecks facilities as of fall 2002 for the 2003 season.

The proven shape, weight and action of the Mooselook will be carefully maintained. Plated finishes will be improved upon by the state of the art facility, Williams Recognition, which also produces the Williams lure finishes renown for their quality and durability. Copper and brass finishes will be further protected by a plated and baked on clear outer coat which remains clear indefinitely and also renders these lures basically tarnish proof and salt water resistant. Painted finishes will be automotive powder coat applications with sharp clear contrasting accents.

Choose from one of our pre-packed Mooselook assortments for Trout or in the classic Wobbler series. These 4-packs offer an assortment to address a variety of angler preferences. Packaged in a mix of styles, colors and sizes. In both, species as well as series & Size specific assortments. Ideal as a gift item or for the angler purchasing their first Mooselook. GOOD FISHING!

MLWB - Medium WobblerMLWB
The Mooselook in a 4-pack of classic medium wobblers. Including original patterns and proven colors. A gift assortment any angler would appreciate receiving.


MLJW - Junior Wobbler

A 4-pack of the classic Junion 1/6 oz. Mooselook Wobbler. This 2 1/2" spoon was made famous for salmon and trout but don't stop there. A proven and versatile lure. "Match the hatch" by choosing between the junior or medium Wobbler 4-packs.

MLTR - Wobbler, Trout

The Mooselook was made famous by trout anglers. This trout 4-pack includes 2 juniors and 2 medium wobblers. For rainbows, lakers, browns and landlocked salmon as well as other species.

MWLTF - Wobbler, Trout

This Mooselook Trout 4-pack incorporates the classic medium 1/4 oz. 3 -1/8" Wobbler and the Thinfish in an assortment of two of each. Proven silver, gold and copper finishes complimented by a splash of color. A great one to increase your odds on your next outing. All trout and salmon species.

The above lures are only our 4-pack kits. We carry the complete line of Mooselook and Williams lures.

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Happy fishing and please visit us again.

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