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We are proud to be able to carry Brecks fishing lures. The brands we carry are:

Lake Clear Wabblers




Lake Clear WabblersLake Clear Wabblers have been angler favorites since 1920. To be able to claim the title of being the original and still most popular lure in this spoon style nearly 100 years later is saying something. The classic shape of the original Lake Clear Wabblers have often been copied but never duplicated.

The genuine silver and 24 carat gold finishes found on; Williams, Mooselook and Savant manufactured by Brecks are now the standard on Lake Clear. Nothing reflects light like precious metals.

Current holder of the New York state record speckled trout at 6.03 lbs. taken at Silver Lake NY in 2013. It is fitting that the lake Clear Wabbler developed in New York State holds the state record.




Mooselook LuresThe Mooselook Wobbler was developed in 1938 on Lake Mooselookmeguntic in the state of Maine from where it takes its name. Arguably the most recognised and to this day popular trout and land locked salmon spoon in New England. The Mooselook wobbler is also a popular trout lure anywhere anglers fish for them.

Since the acquisition of Mooselook by Brecks in 2002 we have taken this venerable brand and improved upon it, all the time maintaining the proven shape and weight of this classic design.

The Mooselook wobblers are now genuine silver and 24 carat gold finished lures. 2 new smaller sizes have been added to the Wobbler series, an entirely new flutter spoon has been introduced under the Mooselook brand, the Thinfish. The wobbler selection now includes the classic favorites like the pearl red dot, Fluorescent orange and silver, gold and copper but also includes a number of new finishes requested by anglers over the years.

Made in North America by anglers for anglers.

Savant Spoon

Crusher Series

Jake Series

Winnie Series

Savant SpoonSavant spoons were designed to run properly at a range of speeds, not to turn on themselves and more importantly to catch fish….which they do. Finished in genuine silver and 24 carat gold, nothing reflects light like genuine precious metal finishes.

Brecks acquired the Savant brand in 2013. It is now manufactured in the same facility in North America that produces the Lake Clear Wabbler as well as Williams and Mooselook. These three venerable classic brands between them account for over 250 years of angling history. Savant is in good company.






Ice Jig


Quick Silver

Sal-T "B", "C" & "F"

Trophy I & II


Wabler Lite


Williams LuresThe first Williams Wabler was stamped in Buffalo NY sometime around 1914, full production began in 1920. Williams have been produced in Canada since 1978 and are now entirely produced in the Brecks Sherbrooke Quebec Canada facility along with Mooselook.

There are 3 constants to Williams:

  1. Williams lures have always been finished in genuine silver and or 24 carat gold, nothing matches the visibility and reflective qualities.
  2. The Williams brand has always been produced in North America by anglers for anglers.
  3. They have consistently produced for anglers for close to 100 years.

Williams range of; series, sizes, styles, colors and weights offer anglers a proven selection for a wide range of species which are applicable to a variety of presentations and conditions!


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We have carried the entire Brecks line since 2003. Some of the lures we have are discontinued and no longer available. Quantities are limited.


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